Why ‘Green By habit’? : Introduction blog

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Welcome to the first post of Green By Habit (GBH). GBH is a platform to share learnings from my own sustainability journey to a wider audience, to help build a community that makes sustainable choices a habit.

In my circles, I find many not able to switch to greener habits either because they find them too costly, not practical or just because they don’t have access to information. My goal is to support those with a genuine interest to learn & switch habits, but are stopped by limited access to information or are overwhelmed with where to start. I intend to do this by giving them evidence-based information in small info-packages.

There are so many daily challenges people face around the globe ranging from income loss, sickness, to natural disasters & war and it is fair to say that sustainability and climate change can unfortunately not be the priority for many. However, it will be these vulnerable communities that will be impacted first and the worst with the adverse implications of the climate change. But there are many of us who have the privilege to make this a priority; we can support the work done by numerous activists and policymakers to make a change. At the end of the day climate change is something that would impact us at a global scale, be it be global warming, unprecedented natural disasters, pollution, or rising sea levels, the global community will pay the price for it. This has been my inspiration to start this blog to share my learnings and make a collective difference. I know sometimes it can be frustrating to think that the impact of our contribution is too little and insignificant, but believe me- it matters, and so do you.

Through GBH, I will be sharing blogs and videos on several topics which are close to my heart or my learnings, and I hope it can help someone looking for an extra push or direction to embark on their green journey.

Follow GBH for:

·      One place for step by step green habit building

·      Measure the impact you are creating and how it contributes to the big picture

·      Being a part of a community that helps you to get even better

Why Green By ‘habit’?

And why the name ‘Green By Habit’? Because I believe that the best way to fully embrace a change is through habits rather than difficult choices.

Remember when seat belts were first introduced (at least in India it was during my childhood), how annoyed many were? And now the first thing we do when we enter the car is to reach for the seat belt. Why? – It has become a habit!

Let us not go back so much in time. At the start of 2020, when we had to start wearing a mask or sanitise our hands frequently, many found it irritating & inconvenient. But now, do you feel the same? And why- because it has become a habit and part of your life.

Hence, if each of us focuses on building greener habits and sustainable choices as habits, together we can create a more sustainable and organic impact. Let it be small acts like using a reusable container or proper waste sorting, to building energy-efficient houses or questioning the decision makers. Each act counts and your habits could in turn impact the choices of the people around you.

Join the community

Join me in this journey if you would like to act, are ready to unlearn and learn again. Be part of a community that makes sustainable life choices a habit. I am nowhere close to being 100% eco-friendly or a zero waste person, but I am just someone taking baby steps to make a positive impact. Join me to make a larger impact together and learn from each other.

Topics we will cover will broadly be in the following categories, both covering micro and macro impact topics.

1.             Sustainable lifestyle habits that can be easily adapted

2.             Introducing sustainable alternatives

3.             The science behind- evidence-based information

4.             Big picture – Global level agreements & climate change related phenomena

5.             Looking out for others & personal experiences

I am super excited to share my journey with you. Do join the Green By habit Community- because sustainability is not a choice anymore!

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