Little about me

Hi GBH community

I am Sruthi, a sustainability enthusiast who is learning and unlearning habits to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Educated as a bioprocess engineer, I have been working in the area of green energy generation and waste treatment for the last 10 years. When I started to be more mindful of my habits and consumptions in my daily life, I was like many of you unsure where to start and overwhelmed by the information around me. There are so many climate activists and sustainability influencers doing amazing work, but I could not find these discussed in my immediate circles. Nor was climate change and the impact on the future generations discussed as a burning platform or priority at many homes. And for the ones who are actively trying to make a difference, it is sometimes discouraging to see their smaller actions not creating an impact.

This was the trigger point for me to start ‘Green By habit’ as a space to share my learnings and try to create a community that embraces ‘Green habits’ than difficult choices. I will try my best to package the information in small lessons, so you can easily follow.

Follow GBH for:

    –   One place for step by step guidance for green habits building
    –   Measure the impact you are creating and how it contributes to             the big picture
    –   Be part of a community that helps you to get even better

I am super excited to share my journey with you. Do join the ‘Green By Habit’ (GBH) community- because sustainability is not a choice anymore!


Our principle: Non judgemental community

We at Green By Habit recognise that each of us need not be perfect, could have individual limits on our green actions due to various reasons (health, physical ability, financial, social or others). But collectively we can push the system through our imperfect actions to make a difference. This is no place to judge others, but to encourage and influence each other through positive actions and evidence based data.